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There’s Something in These Bricks

12 May

A perfect English bitter will dazzle your taste buds with a sweet toasty side as well as a bitter side with each sip. Some bitters do this very well and some do not. Dying Vines Ol’ Brick Bitter does the earlier hands down perfect. Rich amber color, a slight ¼ inch head that slowly dissipates as the beer sits, this one is special. Ol’ Brick Bitter is full bodied with lots of malt that is well balanced by the dry and hoppy finishing left over from the Kent Golding hops they use. With a low ABV of 4.5% this is the perfect ale to have from a cask or beer engine. Well worth seeking out!

Hop Candy for All The Boys & Girls

9 May

One of my favorite things about Dying Vines beers is that they continually prove that a full flavored, well-balanced beer doesn’t need to be heavy on the ABVs. They make session style beers that in most cases pack more punch than a dozen top rated Imperials in the current market. Hop Candy is no exception.

Dying Vines describes Hop Candy as a Contemporary Session Beer with 4.5% ABV. With only 8 IBUs from 7 kinds of hops, this is not bitter, but a highly aromatic ale that surprises you with each sip. Raise the glass to your nose and mouth and begin to take note of the tropical fruits, onions and apricot flavors all mixed together but equally balanced. For such a “small” beer, I would put this up in a blind taste test any day against a beer from the big boys of Stone or Lagunitas.  Yes, it’s just that good.

Dee Gets Wild and Mild

5 May

What happens when you take Dying Vines Dee’s Mild, a malty session (3.9% ABV) brown ale with little to no head, hints of coffee and chocolate and just the right touch of hops and let those pesky brewery bugs get to it? You get Dee’s Wild, an American Wild Ale right in flavor like a cherry limbic but not so syrup-y and oh so good.

Dee’s Mild, named after the wife of brewer Kel Alcala, was a recipe they developed together and she had entered in to a homebrew competition which won 1st place. Now their flagship ale, this is a beer you can come home to everyday and enjoy.  On the other hand, when you’re looking to spice things up a bit, go for the Wild and be prepared for a taste bud party in your mouth.