Music + Beer = Stillwater Sensory Series

13 Sep

The Stillwater Sensory Series is a collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal and singular musical artists. In this first collaboration, Stillwater is working with Lower Dens to make an ale based on an interpretation of their song, “In the End Is The Beginning.” On the bottle itself, a QR code will link to an exclusive Lower Dens performance of the song. Ultimately, this is a true artistic collaboration that aims to create a full sensory experience – sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

“With Stillwater, we set out to create an environment of intrigue; from the visual aesthetics of the packaging to the lack of definitive style of the beer, subtle complexity is also our hallmark.. we are asking the consumer for consideration, to interact with the product,” says Brian Strumke, Owner / Brew Master. “It instantly rang clear to me that [Lower Dens] were seasoned mature artists.. there were hints of beloved nostalgia but nothing obvious or trendy; driving repetition with intricate overlays allows the listener to take the back seat for a ride while also tempting you to look deeper within.. these were all traits that I related to, from my days as an electronic music artist and now as a beer designer.”

‘In the End is the Beginning’ is taken from the band’s second studio album, Nootropics (pronounced No-eh-tro-pics), released earlier this year on Ribbon Music. The song is lengthy, contemplative: an end-of-the-world song wherein the narrator readies him/herself for whatever’s next.

“Brian explained the Sensory Series and immediately we were on board,” says band member Jana Hunter. “He took something we spent a lot of time on and put a lot of thought and ourselves into, and he offered the same.”

“White but not bright” is how I described the song and that is what I have set out to create with beer itself. Light in body and color intermingled with aspects of dark fruits and a floral earthy spiciness, gently accented with a hint of smoke” states Strumke. The beer itself will come in the form of individual 375ml bottles and also 20L kegs and initial distribution with span 35 states via Twelve Percent Imports – Brooklyn, NY.

[BeerPulse note: The Sensory Series website appears to indicate November as month of release.]

The band has spent a lot of time touring since the release of their debut album Twin-Hand Movement in 2010, including recent stops at festivals both here and abroad such as Pitchfork Music Festival, Primavera, among others. Lower Dens will hit the road again later this autumn and will see them perform at this year’s installment of ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas and include support dates with Kurt Vile and Grizzly Bear.

Source: Press release