Beer ­­­to be running mate for the 2012 National Election….

10 Sep

Geoff Dale, the gregarious, bewhiskered write-in presidential candidate from Three Heads Brewing, unabashedly tipped the entire political apple cart today by selecting Beer ­­­as his running mate for the 2012 National Election.

Specifically, Dale chose Third Party Candidate, the upcoming collaborative beer by Massachusetts-based Clown Shoes Brewery and Three Heads Brewing, the upstart from Rochester, NY of which Dale is a founding partner.

“Third Party Candidate is representative of the path this country needs to forge. Two sides, born of different backgrounds and styles, finding common ground, and moving (or brewing) forward with a new, singular vision of taste.”

Although a newcomer, Third Party Candidate boasts an impressive pedigree. Third Party Candidate is a melting pot beer, one half represented by Clown Shoes’ Eagle Claw Fist, their popular, über-hopped 100 IBU Imperial Amber Ale. The beer’s other half features Three Heads Brewing’s Loopy, an Oatmeal Red Ale that, according to BeerAdvocate, “elevates the fun in drinking beer.” Together, Third Party Candidate (or 3PC) offers the clearest choice across a variety of different platforms: hoppy, robust, smooth, challenging, and fun.

When approached about Beer’s apparent lack of experience within the political arena, Candidate Dale scoffed between sips.

“Beer’s been around since 3,000 B.C. To put that into perspective, that’s about 5000 years of tax returns we could refuse to disclose.”

Dale always felt that beer, in particular the 3PC, was the clear choice. “We feel we have a decided advantage. Beer doesn’t have to debate. I don’t have to worry about being beer being a loose cannon. Hell, beer doesn’t have to worry about spelling ‘potato” correctly. All beer has to do is to fully satisfy the needs of a thirsty public.”

Quipped a confident Dale, “That and beer is the third most popular drink on the planet. I’m no dummy.”

“We’re public servants. The whole purpose of Third Party Candidate is to serve the greater good. That’s the greatest good. And 3PC is not just good, it’s great. Greater even. And that’s more than good. That’s greater.”

Dale, speaking on behalf of both companies, feels it’s the duty of Clown Shoes and Three Heads to offer Third Party Candidate for this nation’s consideration.

“Ask not what your country can brew for you. Ask what you can brew for your country.”

Third Party Candidate will soon be available wherever your favorite Clown Shoes and Three Heads Brewing products are sold.

Source: Press Release