Alabama! You ready for some Ballast Point?

5 Sep

“You won’t find these sought after beers at craft brew pubs or markets in most of the country,” said Jay Dobbs, President of Birmingham Budweiser. “Ballast Point chose Alabama because of the community’s high-level appreciation for quality craft beers and Birmingham Budweiser’s commitment to deliver those brands to the market.”

The San Diego-based brewing company is one of the country’s most celebrated breweries and features fish-themed labels, award winning beers and a reputation as one of the nation’s best beer makers.

Alabama becomes only the second Southern state to distribute the award winning Ballast Point brand, giving craft beer lovers in the state something to celebrate. Ballast Point is available in 12 other states and internationally.

Alabama opened the door for the craft beer industry in 2009, increasing alcohol content to 13.9 percent. Earlier this year, the maximum beer bottle size grew to 25.4 ounces. Both laws have boosted craft beer production and selection in Alabama.

The Ballast Point brand of award-winning beers is led by Sculpin IPA, the highest-rated India Pale Ale (IPA) in the country and one of the finest beers in the world. The light-bodied, heavily hopped Sculpin IPA (7% ABV) has won many North American and international awards, including medals at the prestigious European Beer Star Awards for the number one IPA in Europe and a gold medal at the 2010 World Beer Cup. LA Weekly called it “the benchmark by which all other IPAs must be measured.”

Started in the back room of Home Brew Mart in Southern California in 1996, Jack White and Yusseff Cherney have seen Ballast Point Brewery achieve their dream: “real beer lovers making real good beer.” The awards and praise have followed over 16 years, including the 2010 World Beer Cup title of Best Small Brewery in the World at the largest commercial competition ever.

In addition to Sculpin IPA, five more beloved and award-winning Ballast Point beers will be available in Alabama for the first time – Black Marlin Porter (6% ABV), Big Eye IPA (7% ABV), Wahoo Wheat Beer (4% ABV), Calico Amber Ale (5.5% ABV) and Ballast Point Pale Ale (4.6% ABV). Each beer features a fish on the label and a mouthful of innovation through new methods and ingredients.

Birmingham Budweiser plans to launch Ballast Point Wednesday, September 5th, with an event at The J. Clyde in Birmingham’s Southside entertainment district and Thursday, September 6th, at Slice Pizza and Brew in the city’s Lakeview District (schedule listed below).

The addition of Ballast Point adds to Birmingham Budweiser’s extensive and growing list of high-quality craft beers brewed in Alabama and throughout the nation.

Birmingham Bud is a family-owned-and-operated company committed to supporting the finest craft beer makers and providing them for a community that celebrates the “art” of craft beer. For more information about Birmingham Bud and its fine line of craft beers, go to

Ballast Point beers are hand crafted by a team of people with a genuine love for beer and the brewing process. For more information, go to

Ballast Point beers will be available in 12 oz., 22 oz. and draught in Alabama.

Source: Press Release