Beer Table / Table Beer from Stillwater

18 Apr

If you owned a beer place called Beer Table naturally you would want to have a beer available called Table Beer, right?

Such is the case with Brooklyn beer place Beer Table (427B 7th Ave., at 15th St., Park Slope) and their newly commissioned beer from Brian Strumke, gypsy brewer of Stillwater Artisanal fame.

“What beer would I brew for myself to drink every day for the rest of my life?,” asked Beer Table owner Justin Philips. “Each of the brewers asked to participate in this project has been asked to brew a “Table Beer” that they feel they can fully explain and understand for themselves. I’ve asked them to make a regular commitment to its production, and for it to be produced on a relatively large scale. The only parameters are that it should be fairly inexpensive, it should be made with eating in mind, it should be replicable, and the provenance of its ingredients should be known.”

Beer Table / Table Beer is a really crisp and dry finishing beer that features the esters caused by using Belgian yeast and the funk of Brettanomyces. Think piney hop aroma surrounded by sour goodness all at 4.7% ABV.

If I had to come up with a list of beers to  drink everyday, I certainly would include this one on it.