Another Happy Ending from Sweetwater

12 Apr

This one is from Sweetwater’s seasonal “Catch and Release” series and it’s an Imperial Stout that is dry hopped. You might still be able to find a bottle as it’s available late December through March.

It’s a Stout and pours as such, totally black with a gorgeous white/tan head on top. It’s a big head and we like it. If you didn’t know this was an Imperial Stout and took a whiff, you might be calling this one a Black IPA because these hops are strong! Don’t be fooled though, the roasted black malts bring out chocolate goodness that stand their ground putting up a fight against the citrus and pine from the hops.

Sips reveal a well balanced beer with an edge to the hops but nothing crazy. Happy Ending is thick and full of flavor yet is smooth and easy to drink. Overall, just the way a Happy Ending should be, satisfying.