Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla

10 Apr

Atlanta’s Red Brick has been around for some time and we’ve always been a fan of their offerings, so when we saw this one on the shelf, we had to get it. Smoked Vanilla Gorilla is a Smoked Porter (they use Cherry Wood Smoked malt) aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels with Smoked Vanilla Beans, that come from Fox Bros. BBQ in Atlanta.

It pours a deep dark black with a tan head that starts out thick and quickly disappears leaving just a hint of it on top. Raise the glass to your nose and take in dark fruits cooked on smoking pit along with rich chocolate and roasted malts.

The taste has these dark fruits but you now start to get the vanilla and whiskey. It’s not a lot but it’s definitely there and makes me wonder how this might be on draft instead of our bottle that was shipped across country to us.

Overall, a really good beer that we want to try again.