Takin it to 1000 with Mikkeller

16 Feb

We like our hops but we don’t consider ourselves hop heads as we find other styles to be much more pleasing to our pallets *but* when we see a beer with 1000 IBUs and it’s from Mikkeller we put down our guard and crack open a bottle right away.

Mikkeller has said that “the purpose of this project was to brew a beer with an impressive IBU that at the same time was relatively easy to drink.” We’ve got to say he did just that. This has to be one of the best IPAs we have had in a while. It was super easy to drink yet you could taste the hops but they didn’t make up the “entire” beer. The residual sweetness plays nicely with the bitterness you get from hops. The malt profile is there and the balancing act Mikkeller did between malt and hops is amazing.

Overall, another incredible beer from one of our favorites gypsy brewers.