An Extraordinary Ale from Phin & Matt

8 Feb

From Southern Tier: When we sat down to collaborate on this beer, we knew we had to create something extraordinary. After sampling a wide array of great beers, we hit upon an idea: use vast amounts of whole hops, the finest malted barley North America has to offer, and crystal filtered artesian water. Thus creating this classic American style pale ale.

Our Pint Opinion: Phin & Matt’s pours a golden yellow and like it says above the vast amounts of malts and whole hops leaves, in our opinion, a sweet sugary taste in your mouth with each sip. It poured with little to no head and our bottle was super light on carbonation. Was it extraordinary? No. Was it a really good American style Pale Ale as they set out to make? Yes.

We’ve grown to expect super great things from Southern Tier and this falls in line with that attitude. Expect something a bit different, made with quality ingredients and a bit of looseness in how it’s done. Good job, Phin & Matt.