World’s First Tree Tomato Beer? Yep & it’s From Dogfish Head.

4 Feb

Say what you will about Dogfish on other beer blogs, we love that they take chances and are making beers that are a bit different. We love that they are one the bigger companies in the craft beer space and still treat this whole thing like homebrewers.

Portamarillo is a collaboration Dogfish did with Epic Beer of Auckland, New Zealand. What’s a Portamarillo? It’s a Tamarillo & Pohutakawa Smoked Porter. They’re calling it a Festive beer + the world’s first tree tomato beer. Kinda sounds disgusting, but it wasn’t at all. The five malts used (Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Black and Roasted Barley) made this a Porter worth drinking no matter what they put in to it. So what’s the big deal? They fermented the Tamarillos which were smoked using wood chips from the sacred Pohutakawa tree (also know as the NZ Christmas tree).

Bonus: Did you know that the Tamarillo is juicy and packed with vitamin C, is low in fat and calories? We didn’t either but now we do.