Mikkeller Single Hop Series: Willamette

29 Jan

From the side of the bottle: This beer is a part of a Single Hop IPA series by Mikkeller. We created this series to showcase hop varieties on their own. This gives the consumer the possibility of smelling and tasting the unique characteristics of each variety and hopefully helping to educate people about the wonderful world of hops. For each beer, the single hop variety was used in the same weight for bittering, aroma and flavor and for dry hopping. All 19 varieties of single hop beers in this series were brewed the same week and with malts from the same batches and the same yeast and fermentation temperatures. This is done to better compare the characteristics of the different hop varieties.

Our Pint Opinion: Willamette is the king of the aroma hops due to its strong aroma of fresh flowers, earth and spices. It’s low on the bittering scale, BIG on smell! You typically find Willamette hops in American Pale Ales, Brown Ales and English-style Ales.

We found this one easy to drink but could taste that something was missing from this beer and that’s the bittering that hops brings – there just wasn’t enough for our tastes. Not to say that this was a bad beer, as that’s what this series is all about…