Demolition! Goose Island Style

27 Jan

Brewed to honor of the brave souls who kept the Goose Island brew pub open in the early 90s while wrecking balls tore down the mall around them, Demolition is a Belgian Style Golden Ale.

Demolition pours a golden-yellow with a nice but small white head. As expected for this style, the Belgian yeast takes over the nose with floral and citrus notes along with sugar and cotton candy from the moment you uncap it and pour. The Saaz and Chinook hops are noticeable both in aroma and tastes but only play a minor part in the overall enjoyment of this beer. Overall a great version of this style with brewmaster liberties that we expect from Goose Island.

Sadly, the beer is currently in retirement and was last packaged in late 2011. Goose Island says it will age well for 180 days after bottling so you should be able to find one around. We found one over a year old and it was fine.