Happy Halloween: Ursa Minor Berlinerweiss Goes Orange

26 Oct

Elysian Brewing Company’s Ursa Orange is a tart, North German style wheat beer with the addition of some slightly sweet Pumpkin syrup, which floats in your glass like suspended yeast. Pale and wheat malts are used to make this beer and all hopping is with New Zealand organic Pacific Gem hops. The wort is unboiled and goes straight to the fermentor and is pitched with lactobacillus and ale yeasts that come courtesy of New Belgium.

If you get a chance to have this one like we did at the brewery, they add the syrup to the glass and then pour the beer in which, depending on the amount of syrup added, greatly affects the taste. Ours intentionally had very little so the sour tart cherry taste from the yeast stood forward making it something we really enjoyed.