Happy Halloween: Pumpkins Blossom in the Naked City

25 Oct

Naked City’s Pumpkin Blossom Saison is made with so much pumpkin matter we were super surprised when each sip revealed less and less of a pumpkin taste and more of the traditional Saison yeast taste we love. While this isn’t a bad thing we were just expecting more. You would think the pumpkin aroma and taste would be strong from the 30 pounds of pumpkin meat that is added to each 3 barrel batch between the mash and the boil along with the 100 pumpkin blossoms and 8 ounces of Market Spice Tea in the whirlpool. Even the pumpkin blossom honey that is primed all over the fermentation tanks is no match for the blend of Wyeast 3724 and 3711 that dominates this brew.