Life & Limb is Perfect Harmony Between Dogfish and Sierra Nevada

23 Sep

We all know the Dogfish reputation, they’ll put anything into a beer and somehow it turns out great. On the other hand, Sierra Nevada is pretty much known for one thing, a great ale, and they let the other folks do the crazy stuff (yes, we know Beer Camp is crazy but….).

So when the two breweries come together for the second Life & Limb, you expect great things. Let it be known, you will not be disappointed. L&L is a strong dark beer clocking in at 10%ABV and is unlike any beer before it. Hence the Dogfish influence here with the pure maple syrup (from the Calagione family farm) and the estate barley grown on the Sierra Nevada property in Chico, CA. Add to those ingredients house yeast strains from each brewery combined for bottle conditioning and it just gets more and more indescribable, but we’ll try.

Take one: like Sunday morning pancakes covered in syrup

Take two: remember that camping trip and the breakfast mom cooked all of us

Take three: how did they think of this?

Oh, did we mention the birch syrup from Alaska they use to naturally carbonate the beer?