Side Project 14, Not Sure What Went Wrong With Ours

13 Aug

When a new Terrapin Side Project hits the shelves you can expect something out of left field – think a mixing of styles that might or might not work…

Sadly, #14 falls in to the latter category. It’s not that it wasn’t a good beer it just wasn’t something that screamed, “wow,” which is what we’ve grown to expect from these Side Projects.

A Black Saison is a great idea and is certainly a welcomed slant from all the CDAs that are being produced lately. Where this one falls short is that it has the best parts of a Saison (peppery, citrus) and the best parts of a Porter (cocoa, coffee) but the two do not play well together. At times one stands out above the other reminding you what a great brewery Terrapin is but when the styles combine in your mouth, the body falls flat and the taste becomes confusing.

We’d love to try this on draft and see if there is a difference as we think that this is a great idea that deserves another taste.