Burning Oak is Just Right

19 May

Linden Street Brewery’s Burning Oak Black Lager has been through a few recipe changes over the years and this one seems to be just right. While there is no black malt used, only chocolate malt, this deep shade of brown (let’s call it black) beer, made with steam yeast is the perfect beer to have with some cured meat or maybe a pasta dish loaded up with meatballs. The overwhelming thing I found was that the beer had a slight saltiness to it that I hadn’t found in other black lagers. When we asked brewmaster Adam Lamoreaux about it, he confessed that his best guess was that it was coming from the San Francisco Bay water they use. Whatever the case may be, Burning Oak Black Lager hits Lamoreaux’s mark of creating a beer like they would have served in Oakland, CA in 1890.