The Perfect Assignment

19 Mar

Follow me here for a second… Westoek is bottled under the name Brouwerij DECA Services but is in fact brewed by legendary De Struise Brouwers who contracted San Francisco’s Waterloo Beverages to develop and manufacture it. Whatever or in this case whomever is brewing, the writing on the label says it all: “We west coasters adore our local carefully brewed ales. It quenches our thirst and makes us burp.”

It’s so nice to see truth in advertising. This bubbly blonde with its small foamy head smells of days in the sunshine (not smelly, just fresh air), cloves and fresh flowers all coming from the use of Urbain’s Magnum hops for bittering, Styrian Goldings hops in the boil, late boil & flame out, then Hallertauer Mittelfrueh for dry hopping.

Rating: I don’t care who brewed it. It’s damn tasty.


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